Humanetics Launches Digital, Safety and Sensor Technology Divisions to Accelerate Technology Innovation

Farmington Hills, MI, USA May 12, 2022 

Media Contact: Barney Loehnis, Humanetics Group, CMO, [email protected] +1 203 246 1397

FARMINGTON HILLS – Today, Humanetics announced a new structure to focus innovation on Digital, Safety and Sensor Technology. These three business groups will now operate under a single Humanetics umbrella. This evolution brings to fruition the long-term vision to unite all the operating companies within the Humanetics company.

Humanetics will now be organized into three groups: Humanetics Safety, led by Mark Westen, comprised of ATDs, active safety robotic platforms, test equipment, and ATD lab management; Humanetics Digital, led by Karsten Newbury, encompassing  CAE, ergonomic software, anthropometric 3D body model databases and a new Software Center of Excellence; and Humanetics Sensors, led by Barney Loehnis, which will combine the capabilities of HITEC, Fibercore and OpTek into an advanced Sensor Technology group.

Christopher O’Connor, CEO and President of Humanetics, commented: ”Humanetics has been the most trusted partner in vehicle safety solutions for 70 years, and in the last decade we’ve extended our solutions to include the world’s leading human simulation platforms, engineered sensors and precision engineering. It’s long been our vision to bring all of our incredible global businesses under the Humanetics’ brand and our team is excited by the opportunities this will enable. Humanetics has always been about putting human well-being at the center of industrial design. Our mission is to help our customers make better products and better decisions that maximize performance. Our new organization is designed to do just that.”

According to Karsten Newbury, President of Humanetics Digital, “We have an incredible set of digital technologies that make Humanetics the world’s leading provider of human-based avatars, data models and simulation software. These digital twins complement our anthropomorphic test devices and robotic platforms. Together we are building more advanced software platforms to provide customers with better decision support tools and scenario management.”

“The new structure will enable us to continue our product innovation around next generation ATDs, and build services around calibration, lab management and active safety,” said Mark Westen, President of Humanetics Safety. “I’m very excited with our product roadmap. It now fully combines our software and hardware capabilities into an exciting future. I look forward to engaging our customers, and bringing the full power of our global digital, engineering and operational teams to market.”

Barney Loehnis, President of Humanetics Sensors, adds, “What many customers don’t realize is that much of our extraordinary innovation comes from our sensor technology group. A sensor is the interface between the digital and physical world, needed to control, optimize and engineer solutions. The next generation of safety technology, beyond simulation, will be driven by fiber optics, laser engineering and sensor technology. I am excited to help bridge the gap between the needs of our customers and our solutions.”


Humanetics Update

From left to right, Christopher O’Connor, CEO and President of Humanetics Group, Karsten Newbury, President of Humanetics Digital, Mark Weston President of Humanetics Safety, and Barney Loehnis, President of Humanetics Sensors


About Humanetics

Humanetics is a Digital Industrial Technology company, and a leading provider of safety systems, anthropomorphic test devices, crash test equipment, simulation software, CAE models, precision sensors, fiber optics and cutting-edge laser material engineering solutions. Humanetics has over 850 employees across 24 facilities strategically located around the world with the global corporate headquarters located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.

Barney Loehnis

Barney Loehnis

Barney is the President of Humanetics Sensors & Chief Marketing Officer, leading our Sensor group and marketing growth programs, strategic communications, and customer experience design. He has led marketing and digital transformations in Europe, Asia and the USA in B2B, B2C and agency sectors, for clients like IBM, VW, Huawei, Qualcomm and Mercer Consulting. Barney is a British and American citizen, a bad runner and avid cook.