To meet the challenge of advancing autonomous vehicle and advanced driver assistance (ADAS) safety features, Humanetics -- the global crash test dummy leader and safety technology innovator-- is providing access to its Active Safety equipment at GoMentum Station, AAA Northern California’s automated test track.

"The facilities at GoMentum are one of the finest proving grounds in the nation," said Sanket Mehta, VP of Emerging Technologies for Humanetics. "We are delighted that Humanetics' Active Safety technology will support OEM testing of new cars and Autonomous Vehicles at the facility. Humanetics products available for testing at GoMentum include:

  • “Ultra Flat Overunable platform” (UFO). tests the braking and collision prevention systems of cars using "dummy cars" that won't cause damage if contact is made.
  • “Driving Robot” (DR) system performs driving maneuvers at specific speeds by being inserted into the driver's seat of any vehicle to validate car safety systems.

Together these systems can perform several specific scenarios that are part of regulatory requirements, including Euro NCAP, US NCAP, C-NAP, and others.

"GoMentum Station is the cornerstone of AAA Northern California's efforts to create a collaborative space dedicated to the safe development of automated vehicles," said Matt Alfano, Vice President of Mobility Innovation at AAA Northern California. "Incorporating Humanetics' capabilities at GoMentum will allow our customers to advance their technologies further."

“Our greatest responsibility is to protect people from injury and save lives,” said Chris O’Connor, President and CEO of Humanetics. “We know from our 70 years in developing crash systems that rigorous, repeatable, and reliable testing are critical for safety technology effectiveness at reducing injury and crashes on the road.”

About GoMentum
GoMentum is the nation's largest dedicated connected and automated vehicle testing facility in the US, located 65 miles from Silicon Valley. Operated by AAA Northern California, the proving ground has over 20 miles of roads and highways set in 2,100 acres. Vehicle technology tested at GoMentum Station will redefine the next generation of transportation, bring unprecedented mobility options to people, and advance traffic safety towards zero fatalities. Learn more at .