Humanetics, best known for its automotive crash testing products, announced today the launch of its new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo and website. 

The launch comes as the first part of a series of changes for the company and its parent group, Safety Technology Holdings, which itself will see its name change to the Humanetics Group. 

Following a period of rapid growth for the Humanetics Group, during which it has added a number of new product lines and companies, it now has over 850 employees across 24 international locations. The company is best known as the pioneer behind the iconic crash test dummies, but through acquisition it has  developed a much broader set of high tech engineering capabilities in fiber optics, sensor development, precision laser and photonics systems.

“As we expand into new markets and sectors, we want to use the strength of the Humanetics brand as an umbrella for the holding company group,” explains Chris O’Connor, President and CEO of the Humanetics Group. “Our name, Humanetics,  clearly evokes a human centric purpose behind our hi tech engineering solutions. And we can use our 70 year track record as a pioneer of the iconic crash test dummies and our partnerships with the world's greatest automotive and aerospace companies, as a growth accelerator in new sectors.”

“In forming the Humanetics Group we can share the stories of our extraordinary engineering capability with more impact because our companies are more clearly part of the same group. Our new brand creates a visual connection across our companies and with the launch of our new websites we will be able to build a stronger digital presence across the group. We firmly believe “we are stronger together” - and that applies to how we communicate this strength to external partnerships as much as to how we operate internally” remarked Chris O’Connor.

The new Humanetics website is the first part of a strategy to introduce a seamless, unified presentation that will allow the organization to leverage its collective strengths and clearly communicate the Group’s overall value proposition. The website previews the launch of the new Humanetics logo and brand identity, and delivers a total revamp of how Humanetics products and services are featured to provide clear and consistent information to customers.  Bryan Brown, Director of Corporate Development, explains: “We have also invested in marketing automation and sales platforms that will help clients find our solutions more easily through search engines and social media. As the traditional sales channels such as annual exhibitions and sales meetings become harder to execute under the social distancing restrictions, we are enhancing our digital capabilities to support sales teams and make it easier for customers to engage with us.”

The new logo, to be used by all the operating companies, is designed around the concept of a wave, which - in engineering terms - is the building block of the physical universe. Lin Pan, Marketing Manager for Humanetics, explains: “Waves represent how atoms, light, sound and energy behave in motion. Our engineering expertise enables our customers to measure, predict, control and harness these forces. So our technologies, represented by the waves in the new logo, empower customers to measure and better control the world around them.”


Later this month the websites for Fibercore and HITEC will launch, while the OpTek website will launch in September.

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About Humanetics Group

The Humanetics Group is a leading provider of crash test systems, CAE simulation models, precision sensors and cutting-edge photonic solutions through its subsidiaries Humanetics, HITEC Sensors, Fibercore and OpTek Systems. The group has over 850 employees across 24 facilities strategically located around the world with the global corporate headquarters located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. Although each company operates as a separate entity, they leverage synergies in their relationships, engineering capabilities, research and business systems to support the group as a whole. The Humanetics Group drives the innovations that protect human potential.