An updated message from Christopher J. O’Connor regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Dear Employees, Customers, and Suppliers,

Let me first express my sincere hope that you, your colleagues and community are well. We are living in unprecedented times, and it's more important than ever to ensure the well-being of our families, friends and coworkers, and keep in close communication so that we are present when support is needed.  As you know, in response to State guidelines on COVID-19, we have temporarily closed our Michigan and Ohio facilities. Currently, we are planning to reopen our Ohio facility on Monday, May 4 and our Michigan facility on Tuesday, April 14 (though likely to be extended to May 4). However, we are regularly assessing the situation and will adjust our plans accordingly. Out of an abundance of caution, we have also reduced our capacity within some of our European, Indian & Sri Lankan facilities for several weeks and will likely reduce staff at our Japanese offices soon. Despite not being physically in our buildings, we still have staff working from home to complete projects and serve our customers.

While there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen in the coming weeks, I want to take the opportunity to communicate some things to which we remain 100% committed:

To our employees: We are nothing without the passion, diligence and ambition that you bring to work every day. Your safety, and the ability to look after your own family, is the most important thing right now. I thank you for your commitment, your patience and your understanding during this period. Our mission has always been to protect human life - to ensure we are all safe in the vehicles we use every day. I take comfort in knowing that during this temporary pause, you are safe, well, and able to care for your loved ones. Above all else, we will always look out for our amazing people.

To our worldwide customers: Our business exists to service your needs and help you develop market-leading products. We are honored for this privilege. While we will not be able to service all requests until our facilities are fully reopened, we are maintaining our hard-working engineers, sales support and administrative professionals; working remotely to meet your immediate needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can continue to support you during this challenging time.

To our suppliers: For our vendors operating as essential businesses or working remotely, we will continue placing orders to meet project demands. For those that are shut down, we will hold orders open and reschedule the delivery of goods once they reopen. Our invoice and payment processing will continue uninterrupted.

To our shared future: We have had to respond rapidly to the changing situation that COVID-19 has dictated with very limited preparation time. I know when we look back, we will see things we could’ve done better, but I want to give you my commitment that we are here to provide the support you need as we navigate this crisis and come out on the other side. Our future is bright. The global automotive safety community is strong and we will get through this. I'm proud of our entire global Humanetics organization, our customers and our partners - thank you for the support we've received. I look forward to continuing to working with you to weather this storm and get back to making our roads safer than ever!

Please stay healthy, attend to your family and community.

With best wishes,

Christopher J. O’Connor
President & CEO, Humanetics



Robalee Monroe
Executive Assistant to Christopher J. O’Connor
Phone: +1-248-778-2113
Mobile: +1-248-229-0088