Ejection Mitigation Headform (EMH 18Kg)
Ejection Mitigation Headform

Ejection Mitigation Headform

  • Standard 18 KG EM Headform 92041-101-FT

The 18 KG ejection mitigation featureless headform was developed to assist automotive safety engineers in designing safety restraints to reduce ejections of occupants in side impact and rollover crashes to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 226 (FMVSS Standard 226) Ejection Mitigation.

    Key Features
    • Accelerometer mount
    • Back plate designed to be machined to attach to the user’s impactor device 
    • Meets required assembly mass specification 
    • Equivalent to effective mass of the human head and shoulders
    • Featureless face designed to simplify contact interactions

     Evaluate ejection mitigation countermeasures

    For a full list of model regulations, please contact a member of the Humanetics team.

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