The Ideal Balance of Performance and Efficiency

for Comprehensive Safety Testing

HBM Connect™, the next evolution in human body modeling, offers unparalleled stability, ease of use, and biofedelic response, essential for refining and optimizing safety systems. Engineered using crucial data points and extensive expertise in physical and virtual ATD development alongside comprehensive injury data, our models equip product development engineers with efficient and consistent analysis in safety evaluations. From refining vehicle safety designs to optimizing ergonomics, HBM Connect™ stands as the industry's most dependable and efficient tool, driving innovation, ensuring safety, and facilitating compliance.

HMB Connect male and female models

Advancing Safety

HBM Connect™, an exact footprint of the human body, serves as the digital twin for your physical ATD fleet, simulating responses in crash or impact scenarios. These models are created using a combination of anatomical data, medical imaging, and physical testing to generate predictive insights on impact injury risk.

These models provide engineers comprehensive insight into how various vehicle designs and safety systems influence human body responses, facilitating informed decision-making in advancing vehicle safety. This not only saves time and resources compared to traditional testing methods, but also allows for a more detailed and accurate analysis, encompassing diverse body sizes and genders not fully represented in physical ATDs.

Specifically developed for product engineers, HBM Connect™ seamlessly operates within virtual environments and fulfills both current and future NCAP certification requirements, empowering organizations to confidently achieve NCAP ratings.

HBM Connect™

HBM Connect is available in 50th Male and 5th Female versions.

Key Features

Robust and User Friendly

HBM Connect™ is stable and easy to use for product development of safety applications.

Easily Integrates into Vehicle Models 

HBM Connect™ integrates into vehicle models, offering fast iterations for the safety system optimization.

Uses Appropriate Materials and Anatomical Details

HBM Connect™ uses appropriate material characterization and anatomical details resulting in reliable responses needed for product development applications in crash simulations.

Validated Using a Vast Human Impact Dataset

HBM Connect™ is validated using a vast variety of human impact tests to ensure accuracy and biofidelity.

Represents Diverse Populations

HBM Connect™ operates with the largest body scan library in the world. For example, models that represent standard ATD sizes, females, children, the elderly, obese and a global demographic sizes.

Future Safety Applications

HBM Connect™ is built to meet future NCAP certification requirements, the ideal human body model tool for use by the same CAE engineers that are knowledgeable in using ATD FE models.

Closed Loop System

HBM Connect™ ensures consistency and accuracy of data when transitioning from virtual to physical products

Ergonomic Integration

HBM Connect™ seamlessly links to RAMSIS to transfer occupant posture, predict where occupants will sit in a vehicle, and enables ergonomic data application for realistic human interaction simulations.

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