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Having a digital counterpart is ubiquitous in today's day and age.

By offering Digital Lab Solutions, the workflow in the dummy laboratory can be enhanced and facilitated, reducing measurement uncertainty and lab-to-lab variability. Our digital lab solutions are ISO compliant and support engineers in the implementation and execution of standardized certification processes. And to balance standardization with customization, the digital lab applications can be adapted to fit specific user’s needs.

Our software is also developed to facilitate the certification processes of the test bench, including test execution and data acquisition. The test software is operated via touch panel and can be used to preview and evaluate the automatically generated test reports.


Digital lab solutions are transforming the way we conduct experiments and collect data, leading to reduced measurement uncertainty and increased reliability. These solutions incorporate advanced technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms to minimize human error and improve accuracy. Our Digital Lab Solutions can also capture and store data, making it easier to track and reproduce results. Additionally, these solutions enable real-time monitoring of tests, providing instant feedback. Overall, digital lab solutions are revolutionizing the scientific process by promoting consistency and reproducibility, which is essential for advancing research and innovation.


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