ATD-BaseWare Cube

The ATD-BaseWare Cube is a standalone remote-control and includes the ATD-BaseWare App with HTML-based HMI, as well as the ATD-BaseWare Worker App for test data management. Services like activating the power trigger can be managed for digital ATDs. Analog ATDs can be connected with the appropriate DAS boxes, regardless of the DAS type. 

    Key Features
    • Enables automation and connectivity for managing ATD data
    • Allows for standardized, real-time, data measurement regardless of ATD and/or lab locations 
    • Standalone and remoted controlled
    • HTML-based HMI
    • WiFi hotspot
    • WiFi access
    • USB-C Power Supply 
    • Ethernet port
    • LTE + 5G Mobile Data
    • Analog DAS port
    • Status light

    ATD BaseWare is ISO 17025, TISAX 5.0 2020 and ISO 27001 approved as well as CEconform certified. The data security of the system is ensured.