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At Humanetics Biomed we pride ourselves on our technical engineering expertise in the research and development of components and sub-components for medical devices. Our team of skilled professionals has extensive experience in a wide range of specialized fields, including strain gage sensors, material processing, laser micromachining, optical fiber processing, and fiber optics.

Using our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies, we are able to automate and scale production for our customers, ensuring that they receive high-quality components and sub-components that meet their exact specifications. Whether you need assistance with prototyping, design, development, or production, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you achieve your goals and bring your innovative medical devices to market.

Specialized Fibers

Global leader in specialty optical fiber solutions that enable precise sensing and laser power delivery in the world’s most demanding environments.

Specialist fiber optics and fiber optic consultancy with flexible order volumes to support both R&D and scaled production processes.

Custom Sensors

Unrivaled innovation for load cells, torque sensors and custom strain gage assemblies for medical, aerospace and many other industries.

Highly reliable design and development of custom strain gage assemblies for use in regulated and critical environments.

Laser Engineering

World leading laser micromachining and optical-fiber processing services and tools meeting precision manufacturing challenges worldwide.

Outsourced manufacturing, micro machining and fiber processing; machine automation to address manufacturing needs on any material.

Humanetics Biomed operates in six manufacturing facilities across the USA, Europe (UK),

and Asia (Sri Lanka and China) with a workforce of 300 employees.

For over 50 years, we have been serving the Biomed sector, and our existing clientele comprises 60% of the largest medical companies as well as numerous smaller niche customers.

Humanetics Biomed Locations Globally

The areas in which we work



X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound

High Speed Grooving, Connector Ribbon Strip/Cleave, OCT, Fab-Per, Contrast Media Injection  Pressure Monitoring


Blood, tissue testing, DNA

Drilled Polymers, Micro-Fluidics, Spectroscopy


Blood Glucose

Cut tubes, parylene removal, micro needle machining, wire ablation

Supplies & Equipment

Bandages, Stickers, Tools

Black Marking, Surface Treatments



Bleed-out detection







Insulin Pumps

Hypotubes, Stents, Eluting Stents manufacture



Welded Cases, Small Component machining


Hearing Aids

Welded Cases, Small Component machining


Implantable Defibs

Welded Cases, Small Component machining



Hard Material, Small Component machining



Machining of lenses for surgical implant



Acute Surgical


Stents & Hypotubes

Acute Surgical


Stents & Hypotubes

Acute Surgical

General Surgery

Special closure tubes

Acute Surgical


Treatment delivery & tips

Acute Surgical


Treatment delivery & tips

Acute Surgical

Optical Based Surgery

High power delivery of optical energy

Acute Surgical

Bone Impants

Wireless sensors (HITEC)

Acute Surgical

Bleed / wound treatment

Cutting of material under defined paramters, Force sensing surgical stapler

Acute Surgical

Needle / Catheter

Formed, drilled and shaped needles/catheters

Acute Surgical

Robotic Surgery

Haptic feedback sensor

Acute Surgical

Operating Room

Patient weighing and positioning



Chronic Treatment

Infusion Pumps

Pressure Sensor

Chronic Treatment

Chemo Pumps

Pressure Sensor

Chronic Treatment


Bleed out detection

Chronic Treatment


Hydrophobic patterning

Chronic Treatment

Dosage Cups

Hydrophobic patterning





Exercice rehab bike, Gait trainer machine

Pharmaceutical Packaging

CCIT - Glass

Tubes & Phials

Controlled damage to  item by laser

CCIT - Glass


Controlled damage to  item by laser

CCIT - Polymer

Tubes & Phials

Controlled damage to  item by laser

CCIT - Polymer

Flat Containers

Controlled damage to  item by laser

Humanetics Biomed Services

Humanetics Biomed Services Design & Development

Design & Development

Work with customers’ engineers to design custom solutions

Enable fast turn around times and speed to market

Help customers innovate and create new cutting-edge products

Technical consultancy

50 laser workstations & labs

Access to world class engineers

Humanetics Biomed Services raw Material & Component Manufacturing

Raw Material & Component Manufacturing

Selection and testing of material components

Process design and quality testing

Assembly automation and certification

3 fiber optic draw towers

5 centers of excellence

Humanetics Biomed Services Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Transition from pre-production to full scale production

Provide space and small-scale skilled workforce in assembly techniques

Global manufacturing network for location benefits

200,000+ medical sensors & 1,000,000+ lasered components

6 locations, 140,000 sq. ft manufacturing facilities

ISO Certified

Humanetics Biomed Services Process Assembly Automation

Process Assembly Automation

Develop automated manufacturing processes

Automated picking and packing into cartridges

Modular design and AI visual quality control checks

Scalable production volumes from R&D to mass manufacturing

20-30% OpEx cost reduction

Discover our Biomedical capabilities


HITEC is a custom sensor design and outsourced manufacturing supplier with manufacturing facilities in Boston, MA and Kadawatha, Sri Lanka and a sales office in the UK.

HITEC’s USP is its deep and trusted technical knowledge of designing custom sensor solutions in critical applications that cannot, and do not fail. Through engineering partnerships, HITEC enables sensors to be built-in, and then production scaled.

HITEC is continually developing process automation, using OpTek machines and capabilities, we will extend and replicate this for our customers.

Currently is certified for Aerospace and is pursuing medical device certification for ISO 13485.

Core Biomedical Capabilities

Liquid flow monitoring

Occlusion and infusion pump sensors are used to measure liquid flow, drug treatment, blood pressure.

Haptic feedback sensors

Six axis sensors are used to give surgeons precise feedback while performing remote surgery.

Rehabilitation & Orthopedics

Machines and embedded devices are used to measure force and exertion. This data helps doctors manage patient recovery and rehabilitation in real-time.

Custom Force Sensors

Many surgical tools like disposable staplers, and drills used in bone surgery, need sensors to monitor forces acting upon the tool.


OPTEK provides outsourced manufacturing services for fiber processing, lensing and micromachining sub-components across a range of niche applications, with a core manufacturing base in Oxford, UK; and additional facilities in Greenville, SC; Boston, MA; and DongGuan, China.

OpTek also creates customized laser machines used by customers at their own facilities to perform tasks like black-marking. Previous customers that have bought machines have expressed an interest to change to an outsourced manufacturing model.

OpTek’s USP is designing automation machines to manage laser wavelengths that can process any material at accuracy of between 1-300microns, at repeatable scale.

Core Biomedical Capabilities

Tube & Wire Processing

Cutting and setting nitinol, magnesium, stainless steel, polymers for stents and other medical components.

Laser Fiber Processing

Stripping, Cleaving, Cutting and Lensing of optical fibers for therapeutic and diagnostic applications such as dentistry and dialysis bleed detection. Fiber Bragg Gratings provide precision sensing along the fiber.

Laser Micro Machining

R+D Dev elopement and sub-contract drilling, milling and surface treatment of challenging materials such as organics, foils and laminated polymers using automated and manual laser processes.


Marking of medical and pharmaceutical consumables and equipment with regulatory and customer information. Marking of challenging shapes and materials with inbuild machine learning quality assurance.


Creation of precision, high aspect ratio holes and slots in catheters, needles, IV and aerosol delivery systems. Supports creation of known-bad defects in container integrity testing.


Fibercore is the global leader in specialty optical fiber solutions that enable precise sensing and control in the world’s most demanding and harsh environments and is based in Southampton, UK

Fibercore’s range of specialty fiber include Single Mode, Multi Mode, Doped, Fiber Bragg Gratings, Polarization Maintaining Fiber and much more to meet demanding and unique customer applications.

Fibercore’s robust polyimide coatings are proven to be compatible with biomedical sterilization processes.

​Fibercore offers excellent process control and full test report provided with every spool of fiber

Fibercore ensures the best optical fiber is designed into our customers application to optimum performance.

Core Biomedical Capabilities

Large core fiber for laser surgery and spectroscopy

Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors

SM and PM polyimide coated fiber for FBG based sensors

Reduced cladding, bend insensitive fiber for streamlined endoscopes​

Twin Hole Fiber for Pressure Sensing

FBG inscribed Twin Hole fiber can be used to monitor pressure in vivo. Specific applications include: monitoring pressure within blood vessels and heart chambers during Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)​.

Discover our work in action

The implementation of force sensors in infusion pumps helps regulate fluid delivery and dosage to a patient and can also detect possible occlusions and blockages via pressure changes.

Advanced spinal screws that incorporate HITEC’s torque and strain sensors can ensure the correct size and position of the screws and rods; and help to reduce the risk of post-surgery complications.

Strain gauge technology doesn’t come in a one size fits all scenario. The solutions are as diverse and individual as are the applications for which they are specified and developed.

The function of many drug-delivery, therapeutic, and medical device systems often relies on a change in force. Learn about how this change can be initiated by either the patient or can be automatically changed by the device itself.

In this on-demand webinar, we will explore how specialty optical fibers can be applied to a number of applications within the Biomedical field, such as Haptic Feedback, Chemical Sensing, Endoscopy and many more.

We are improving healthcare diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes through innovative design, precise manufacturing, and scalable production.

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