The entire suite of certification fixtures

Humanetics offers a complete portfolio of test fixtures to certify the entire set of ATDs that we manufacture. This includes full body testing as well as all necessary component-level testing. This portfolio of fixtures currently meets the requirements of all American and European regulations as well as other non-regulated SAE recommended certification practices. Where applicable, Humanetics provides certification certificates of probes, pendulums, and other hardware that meet Code of Federal Regulations requirements and can provide re-certification services as needed.

We supply custom calibration fixtures used in the calibration of load cells for Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs) and select secondary test devices

Every Humanetics load cell has specially designed loading fixtures for load frame testers to accurately and consistently load the transducer and complete precise calibrations according to specifications.

Humanetics can also provide hands-on training on the complete set of fixtures and dummy types that is focused directly at the technician and/or test engineer’s level.

Test Equipment Matrix

Discover our range of certification fixtures below.