Inflatable Dummy Car

Inflatable Dummy Car

Our Dummy Car is a fresh take on the 3D vehicle target format that addresses the issue of complex reassembly following each test. While competitors’ products are made from up to 30 foam rubber parts that must be pieced together time and again, the Humanetics dummy car is composed of just four inflatable elements plus a cover.

Upon impact, one of the inflatable pieces is simply dislodged. Thanks to this smart design, reassembly can be completed by one person in under a minute – saving you a wealth of time and human power at the test track.

    Key Features
    • Inflatable tubular structure with softshell vehicle optic cover in grey, white, blue or red
    • Ideal for side impact testing as its light weight (50kg) and flexibility will not deploy airbags
    • Crashable at speeds up to 80kph 
    • Velcro mounting system for UFO compatibility
    • Vehicle camera sensors detect air dummy as standard passenger car
    • Air compressor and repair kit included
    • Available for purchase or rental
    <strong>Overall Dimensions</strong>
    <strong>Total Weight</strong> 50kg 110.2 lbs
    <strong>Maximum Impact Speed</strong> 80kph 49.7 mph
    • ADAS testing 
    • AV testing

    For a full list of model regulations, please contact a member of the Humanetics team.

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