The origins of Humanetics 

Our history traces back to the 1940s, when Samuel Alderson created the first anthropomorphic test device - or crash test dummy, as we commonly know them - to test aircraft ejection seats, aviation helmets and pilot restraint systems. The technology of these early aerospace dummies provided the foundation for creation of automotive crash test dummies beginning in the early 1960s. Through multiple mergers and name changes, the company became known as Safety Technology Holdings and it emerged as the leading supplier of crash test dummies and related vehicle safety test and measurement products. The company has experienced tremendous organic growth through the expansion of its innovative crash safety testing solutions and global expansion. We have also looked outside of the immediate crash safety market to add complementary new technologies and products in other high-growth segments through an expansive multi-national mergers and acquisitions strategy.


Humanetics Group - our holding company

In 2020, to reinforce our global reach, financial strength and market leadership positions, we changed the name of Safety Technology Holdings (STH) to the Humanetics Group and created a shared brand identity across all our operating companies. Each company operates as a distinct entity, but we leverage synergies in our relationships, engineering capabilities, research and business systems across our entire network to drive our growth into new sectors and markets.

We collaborate with engineering teams in aerospace, medical, energy, telecommunications, automotive, manufacturing and other industries at the forefront of progress and growth.


Our companies


Humanetics Logo

Founded in 1950

Active, passive and simulation safety systems

The Humanetics name is synonymous with safety and is the foundation of the Humanetics Group. The company operates at the center of a global safety ecosystem, that includes OEMs, safety systems suppliers, independent testing facilities, university research groups, and government regulatory bodies. For over 70 years, Humanetics has been the pioneer of crash test dummies, passive safety equipment and the development of the safety industry in aerospace and automotive. The team of over 500 professionals at Humanetics, located in facilities in every major global market, continues to drive the development of new systems with the industry and continue to pioneer testing solutions for active safety (crash avoidance), autonomous vehicles and virtual design and testing software solutions.


Joined in 2001

Speciality strain gauge and foil sensors 

Headquartered in the technology hub in the greater Boston area, HITEC has a reputation for delivering the most reliable, highest quality custom strain gauge sensors for the toughest environments. Recognized as experts in the industrial sensor market for decades, HITEC was acquired in 2001 by First Technology Safety Systems (now Humanetics) in part to secure the supply of critical load cell sensors for use in crash test dummies. Since that time, its reputation as the technology leader has enabled the company to offer precision load, pressure and torque sensors for a broad base of customers in the automotive, medical, commercial aerospace, military and energy markets. Leaders in the sector for over 30 years, HITEC currently employs over 200 employees at its facilities in Boston and Sri Lanka.


Joined in 2017

Specialty fiber optic manufacturing and system design

For over 30 years, Fibercore has been the only provider of a comprehensive line of specialty optical fibers. While larger companies offer certain specialty fibers as add-ons as their high-volume, commodity products, the UK-based Fibercore is universally recognized around the globe as the experts in the most advanced, technically challenging optical fibers. The company’s fibers are used in such as critical environments including navigations systems, oil and gas downhole sensing applications, infrastructure monitoring, and precision feedback for haptic surgical applications. Building on the sensor technology DNA of the Humanetics Group, Fibercore was added in 2017 to boost our capabilities in leveraging specialty fiber optics in sensor development, ATD design and expand our capabilities entering rapidly growing markets. Fibercore's focus on using fiber optics far beyond the transmission of data enables us to develop solutions for our customers in military, IOT networks, 5G, bio medical and data rich industries.


Joined in 2019

Laser micro-machining and fiber optic processing

Founded in 2000, OpTek Systems has built a reputation as one of the most highly respected providers of laser processing solutions, combining its core expertise in lasers, optics and laser materials interactions with a high-degree of automation. OpTek is headquartered in Oxford, UK and also operates a state-of-the-art processing ITAR compliant facility in Greenville, South Carolina. They are experts in the manufacture of microscopic components with accuracy to a micron. OpTek is a leading contract supplier of complex optical fiber assemblies and laser processing services including micro-machining and optical fiber stripping, lensing, fusing and cleaving. OpTek was added to the Humanetics Group family of companies in 2018 in part to further the Group’s position in optical fiber solutions, giving us a deeper presence in this rapidly expanding market.

Human Solutions Logo

Joined in 2021

Human ergonomic digital design

Human Solutions GmbH, based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, is the creator of RAMSIS, the world's leading digital manikin, with which vehicle interiors can be optimally designed to meet ergonomic requirements. The top 30 companies in the automotive industry work with software solutions from Human Solutions. The company also brings its ergonomics simulation expertise to other industries, including the ergonomic design of industrial workplaces. Human Solutions is active all over the world, with around 35 employees at the Kaiserslautern, Munich & Morrisville (USA) sites and partners in many other countries.


We continue to seek out and invest in sound, healthy technology companies; leaders in their field, with talented and passionate management, committed to safety, protection, control and empowerment. If you have an existing reputation and future vision for advancing human progress in sensors, safety testing, data acquisition and analysis, life sciences and diagnostics, simulated design or testing, or related fields, we invite you to explore joining the Humanetics Group.

Generation after generation, our companies have been instrumental in helping humans explore frontiers—from safe travels on earth and in the air to safe landings on the moon, Mars and the International Space Station; from finding new, life-saving therapies to finding the Higgs boson particle, the building block of the universe. Our engineering capabilities are unmatched. Our partnerships are prized and productive. Our reach is global.

Our shared mission is simple. When we innovate, humans thrive.

Investment approach

The Humanetics Group pursues acquisition opportunities for which we can support the management team in growing and enhancing the value of the business. We bring our global reach, deep penetration in key high-growth markets, talented engineering team, and decades of successful innovation to every relationship, making us an attractive partner for any company looking to take that next step in their evolution.  

Our principal target markets include sensors, simulation and design software, safety testing equipment and services, and data acquisition and analysis. We prefer North American and European based targets but will consider opportunities in all strategic global markets. However, we will consider a variety of opportunities that advance our overall objective of providing world-class test, measurement and safety-related products and services regardless of sector or market.

While every situation is unique, we focus on making investments in industry leading companies with the following characteristics:

  • Committed, talented and passionate management team;
  • Inherent brand equity and reputation with leading market, customer, technology and product positions;
  • Identifiable, achievable operating improvement and sales growth opportunities;
  • Solid long-term industry fundamentals (non-cyclical, non-commodity businesses); and
  • History of stable earnings with the opportunity to improve margins. We will also invest in early stage companies with proven technologies that complement our existing businesses.

Corporate structure

The Humanetics Group and its legal entity, Safety Technology Holdings Inc, is owned by Bridgepoint EU. Bridgepoint is a major international private equity group focused on investing in market-leading businesses, working with management teams to create and realize value within its portfolio companies.